Returning client reservation

Important:  KennelResorts will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours.  If you do not receive that email, please call our office at 831-7297.


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Cabin Size/Cat Condo *
The first pet is full price per night. Each additional pet sharing the same cabin/condo is 50% of the previous pet. Deluxe 30 sq. ft. Premium 40 sq. ft. Chalet 60 sq. ft.
Please indicate whether you would like them boarded separate or together.
Feeding *
KennelResorts supplies Eukanuba dog food at no extra charge. You are also welcome to bring your pet's food from home.
When would you like your pet to be fed? How much food would you like us to offer at each feeding? If you are bringing your pet's food from home, what is the brand and type of food?
$2/Day fee for all medications (excluding insulin) Please include the name of each medication, as well as, the quantity and How many times a day your pet gets each medication.
Extra Exercise
Multi- Pet discounts will be applied to all exercise EXCEPT Day Camp. To participate in Social exercise all dogs must have passed a temperament test/purchased a first year membership ($75). This will be added to your reservation if needed. Dogs that have passed a temperament test but do not have a current membership can participate in social exercise at the rates listed below. Dogs with current memberships will get a $3 discount on all social exercise.
What days would you like your dog to get extra exercise?
Additional Amenities
Subject to Availability