Summary of Potential Issues at KennelResorts

It is always our goal to keep our customers informed.  We never want you to think you are being kept in the dark.  This summary provides you with the most common issues that can arise while your pet is boarding, participating in day camp or being groomed.

KennelResorts Pet Contract/Owner Health Certification & liability Waiver

Every customer is asked to sign a contract before their pet can use any services at kennelresorts.  It gives us permission to secure emergency medical attention for your pet if we are unable to reach you. Our first choice for medical care is your veterinarian, in case of an emergency and your vet isn't open we will take your pet to the care center.

Climbing dogs social play liability release

A number of dogs that stay with us are able to climb/jump fencing.  Once this is identified, we will always use our topped "No Climb" runs to exercise your dog.  By doing this we ensure your dog cannot escape.  If your dog plays socially and  you have been informed that it can climb/jump fencing, we will ask you to sign this release before your dog participates in any further social exercise.  Social exercise takes place in large fenced in areas that cannot be fully enclosed or topped. 

Dog Park Rules & Regulations

This is a summary of the rules and regulations we expect all of our dog park members to follow.  If we are informed of an issue or see rules not being followed your dog's membership can be revoked without refund.