Full grooming services are offered to all dogs, whether or not they board at KennelResorts. Grooms include all cuts/trims, bath, brush-out , ear/eye cleaning, anal gland expression, as well as, your choice of shampoo/perfume. The cost of a groom is based on the breed of your dog. If your dog is severely matted an additional charge will be incurred.  

All dogs must be current on all vaccinations: bordetella, DHPP and rabies.  

Grooming is done by appointment only.  Please call 513-831-7297.

Please click here for pricing. Pricing is based on breed and condition/temperament of your dog and is subject to change.



Meet your groomer - Deb

With nearly 40 years of professional grooming experience, deb has seen it all.  She has been caring for the grooming needs of KennelResorts' dogs for the past 8 years. all of the dogs love her.

Deb takes the time to know each dog and its individual needs. She BELIEVES in the quality of each dog's experience not the quantity of dogs she can groom in a day.

Grooming is done by appointment only.  Please call 513-831-7297.