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7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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DAY care

KennelResorts' Day care is what your dog really wants while you're at work.  It is also available to our boarding guests while you are on vacation.  Your dog can run, climb, dig and play all day with other dogs.  Play groups are broken into two packs, one for large dogs of 35 pounds or more and one for small dogs.  While your dog plays you can watch the fun from your computer or cellphone on our numerous free web cameras.  You are never more than a few clicks away.

All dogs have indoor and outdoor access.  Big dogs have access to an 1100 sq. ft. indoor play area and to Cedar Grove Dog park, which is 3/4 of an acre!  There are fantastic play activities: Terrier Tunnels of Love, Pooch's Play Set, and the always super fun sandbox.  Little dogs have access to a separate 1100 sq. ft. indoor play area and to the hills of Silly Tree Dog park.

There is no other Day Care in the Cincinnati area that has over an acre of indoor/outdoor play areas.  Dogs want to be outside.  They want to run and dig.  That can't do that in a tiny cramped warehouse or concrete pad.

All dogs that participate in Day Care are required to have passed a temperament test administered by KennelResorts.

FRee Web Cams

To view the webcams on your smart phone please download the ODoggy App (Google Play, iTunes)

your dog's safety is our number PRIOrity!

During the first 13 years of operation KennelResorts has experienced a total of 18 serious dog bite incidents.   We define a serious bite as one that needs stitches to effectively treat the wound.  Not included are superficial scrapes/cuts, and non-puncture wounds that are treated with antibiotics.   We estimate that we have had over 40,000 dog play periods from 2006 to the present.  Those play periods are one hour, two hours or a day (up to 11.5 hours).

KennelResorts achieves our safety results by having a very large inside and outside exercise area.  It is approximately one acre for large dogs (35+ pounds) and ¼ acre for small dogs (<35 pounds).  KennelResorts has the largest day camp exercise area of any facility in Cincinnati and one of the largest in the country.  KennelResorts determines placement of dogs in play groups on more factors than just the weight of the dog.  We consider the dog’s age, temperament, and any physical limitations.  Therefore a dog that weighs more than 35 pounds might play with the small dogs and a dog less than 35 pounds might play with the large dogs.  KennelResorts discourages social play for any dog that weighs 15 pounds or less.  If an owner places a dog weighing 15 pounds or less in a play session they accept the additional risk.

Staff members do not share the same space with the dogs. In fact, we limit the amount of contact our social dogs have with humans.    We monitor the primary exercise areas with three video cameras and with a direct view of the large front park.  When dogs in a pack have contact with humans their anxiety level escalates.  They fight for attention, and become more aggressive with each other, as well as, the humans.   When customers observe our day camp that is done behind a one way glass window, so that the dogs cannot see them.   

All of our social dogs must pass a stringent temperament test. A dog’s membership is pulled if he/she shows any inconsistent social behavior.

social play for dogs is safest when they have a lot of space in which to roam and retreat, humans are not included in the mix, and unsocial tendencies are not tolerated.  Our day camp dogs are more relaxed and have the ability to find space away from the other dogs to nap throughout the day.  They work out issues with each other, and have limited issues with the human pack leaders.  And finally, our staff is safer.  According to the CDC, approximately 4.5 million human dog bites occur each year in the United States.

If a social dog bites another dog and it is proven by a firsthand account to be an unprovoked aggression that information will be made available to both parties.  If our cameras identify a similar unprovoked aggression in which a dog is seriously injured the video will be made available for the viewing of both parties.  It will be the responsibility of both owners to resolve any liability issues. KennelResorts will not have a record of all bite incidents or view them all first hand.  The size of our exercise area and the location of cameras make the viewing/recording of all incidents unlikely.