KennelResorts is truly unique, not only compared to other boarding facilities in the Cincinnati area, but in the country.  Its design and business strategy are acutely focused on the answer to one question.  

What do dogs really want?


Before designing KennelResorts the founder, Jim Pottebaum, asked veterinarians and kennel operators all over the country that question.  He sat in many dog parks, watching thousands of dogs at play.  He listened to the dogs' owners, but most importantly, he "listened" to the dogs.

The answer to that single, guiding question pointed KennelResorts in a much different direction than most new "in vogue" boarding facilities. These facilities often give dogs what people want instead of what dogs want.


  • Dogs want... to run, swim, climb and dig.  They don't care about watching a flat screen TV, or sleeping on a human style bed. They don't notice the fancy themed suite.
  • Dogs want... to have generous boarding space.   Staying in a stacked kennel, with dogs living above and below them, literally cramps their style.
  • Dogs want... interaction & engagement with other dogs, and people.  They want to be outside running and exploring.  They can smell & feel the difference between a cramped, indoor exercise room with fake grass and the crisp fresh air of outdoors.

KennelResorts has what dogs really want…

  • 7.5 acres of woods and trails for running, walking and digging.


  • Two huge indoor/outdoor dog parks with over 50,000 sq. ft. of serious pack play.
  • A lake for swimming and splashing; hills, tunnels, and play sets for climbing and crawling.


  • The world's first Frisbee golf course for dogs that fly (Designed by Jack 'Russell' Nicholas).


  • Exercise, Adventure & Engagement... everywhere!

If your dog insists on a TV or web cam, we have those as well.  We provide every guest with a pet cot (fleece blanket upon request) and we play classical music to help make your dog feel comfortable and relaxed.  

We hope that you come by for a personal tour so you can see firsthand the unique offerings of KennelResorts.  We provide the services that your dog really wants. In the end, we know that will make you happy, too!